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Added CV8463 Posted on Monday 2nd November, 2015

Added a CV8463 double triode, which is a CV4024 with gold plated pins.

New exhibits added Monday 2nd November, 2015
Stats: 1758 on the website, 3 coming soon.

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Much of the collection has now been trimmed. There are still a few missing valves which cannot be far away.


Latest additions

02/11/15 Added CV8463
23/10/15 Added CV516 CRT
12/10/15 Added CV9994 beam tetrode
22/09/15 Added CV5405, VX8121 and VX8123
26/08/15 Added VX8156, 1B86, CV4104, ARD4, NU20 and CV5880
15/08/15 Added CV5278 display tube
27/07/15 Added NR55 to the VR109 page
26/07/15 Added CV2457 corona stabiliser
18/07/15 Added CV386 subminiature pentode
14/07/15 Added BX2012, BX2013 and CV2390
27/06/15 Added 3 valves and a bunch of semiconductors
18/06/15 Added CV5035 CRT
15/06/15 Added CV1345
11/06/15 Added 13 CV semiconductors
10/06/15 Added ARTP2, CV2137 and VCRX399
08/06/15 Added ACR1 and VCR530 CRTs
06/06/15 New exhibits added
04/06/15 E947, E2178 and E2548 added
23/05/15 4 new exhibits
20/05/15 CV2729 and CV9785 added
18/05/15 CV99A added
07/05/15 CV1173 added
07/05/15 Three B8A valves added
01/05/15 Added CV2184 CRT
15/04/15 CV5333 pulse modulator tetrode