Author: valvecollector

Moving valves

For many years the majority of my valves have been stored up in our roof space and I had no idea where anything was. Finally, a few months ago I decided to buy some large plastic storage bins off ebay – 12 of them – and begin to store the valves more properly in the garage.

I am now up to 24 of these bins with 19 full and 714 valves to go. Not all of those will go into the bins as the larger ones will just go onto or under the shelving.

So hopefully in a couple of months time all the valves will be out of the roof space and stored where I can find them. Woo. This has only taken me forever…

Farewell to some monsters…

After many years the RD150YB, my huge and heavy transmitting triode, and the 150/6G Mercury Arc Rectifier are destined for a new home. As part of my shrinking of the collection, these two have really got to go. It will be a shame to part with them, but then over the years they have just sat in the corner of the garage, the triode in its huge crate and the MAR on a shelf above, covered by a door for safety purposes. If I ever need to move the collection, these two would be left behind. I am keeping the CATs, so I still have the CAT10 but as that has had an abusive life I don’t mind transporting it on its side – the RD150YB has spent its life sitting upright in its crate and needs to remain so such that the filament and grid assembly does not bend under their own weight.

So, if you want to see the pics of these two, hurry as those will be removed once the valves leave here.

Recently some other old favourites departed here, including the MT9L and SAL-39 and TAL12/35. All have gone to new, caring homes!