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E1T / CV5106 indicator

This valve measures 80x33mm overall and has a 12 pin base

Essentially a very small CRT, the E1T emits a ribbon-shaped electron beam which is guided to the fluorescent screen. In operation, the beam is moved one step at a time to the left by 'D' and moves to the next slot in G4. At each slot, electrons will also pass through the corresponding slot in A2 and on to the screen. When the beam reaches the far left it strikes A1 which can be used to reset the beam and thus the count via external circuitry.

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current300mA
Control grid current11.9 ± 0.15mA
Accelerating electrode G2 voltage300V
Deflector D voltage156 ±1.5 V
Conductive screen L voltage300V
Cathode current0.95mA

The beam forming electrode (B), screen (S) and auxiliary
anode (Ah) are not connected externally
2Control grid (G1)
3Cathode + supressor grids (K, G3, G5)
4Right deflector (D)
5Anode (A2)
6Slotted electrode (G4)
7Conductive/fluorescent layer (L)
8Reset anode (A1)
9Left deflector (D')
10Accelerating electrode (G2)

E1T / CV5106
E1T base E1T internals E1T internals
Base, and two shots of the internal structure.
Hard to see without opening the device, but held to the light, three of the 10 slots can be seen.
E1T slots

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