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Philips XX1080 image intensifier

Size This device measures 100x60mm overall.

The device is marked:

Type XX 1080
NSN 5960-17-037-7118
Factory identification code: P

Max anode voltage15.4kV
Max focus voltage500V
Figures with 14kV anode voltage
Light amplification (20mm diameter)>=1000
Distortion (50mm diameter)1%
Centre resolution20 lp/mm
Throughput90% at 2.5 lp/mm
55% at 7.5 lp/mm
25% at 16 lp/mm
Minimum background light0.2 µlx
Focus voltage450V
Photocathode sensitivity15mA/W at 800nm
10mA/W at 850nm

The measurement lp/mm means 'line pairs per mm' and is a measure of the resolving power of the device.

The photocathode type is S25, screen colour is green, medium persistence. The tube is electrostatically focussed and the image will flip through 180 degrees.


Quarter view Quarter view

The 'front' glass is flat and measures approx 51mm. The screen is 23mm across.

Front view
As pictured here, the cathode connector is the metal shell around the front of the tube, the focus and anode connectors follow clockwise from the 9 o'clock position in the picture below.
Rear view

Tinned! Capped

Tinned! The tin carries the number 0020183

Donated by Jan Heering - information provided by Arne Oberdörster

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