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Valves wantedComing soon

Enter valves below, one per line to see
if they are those I am looking for:

I am always on the lookout for valves to enhance the collection/museum. My particular interest includes:

  • CV and British military (Ax, Nx, Vx) marked valves and CRTs not already in the collection
  • The RELxx series valves

Coming soon

  • ATP35
  • ATP75
  • CV231
  • CV1032
  • CV1401
  • CV1762
  • CV3613
  • CV3990
  • CV4073
  • CV5077
  • CV5156
  • CV5172
  • CV5201
  • CV5258
  • CV5265
  • CV5325
  • CV5348
  • CV5409
  • CV5427
  • CV5956
  • CV7161
  • CV7378
  • VT76

If you have anything for sale/disposal/trade, let me know. Donations always welcome!

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