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Updates in 2010

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22/12/10 Added CV1982 pentode and CV427 to 715C
07/12/10 Added 2H21 phasitron
22/11/10 Added CV1430 and NT59A pentodes
19/11/10 Added CV7068 and CV7072 zener diodes, and CV7120 silicon rectifier.
27/10/10 Added CV1737 CRT
24/10/10 Added CV7384 rectifier and CV1097 to VCR97
30/09/10 Added CV521 cold cathode discharge tube
29/09/10 Added CV1571 to VT58A
17/09/10 Added V1501 triode
10/09/10 Added CV1284 to CV1129, CV9850 to YL1080, added a solid state GT1C, and AL5, RS383 and RS391 pentodes.
23/08/10 Added ZZ1031 voltage regulator and NA-1 sodium lamp
22/08/10 Added ZZ1030 voltage regulator
20/07/10 Added some microwave oven magnetrons
13/07/10 Added 8TFK20 microwave device
12/07/10 Added BK178 ignitron
27/06/10 Added VCR517C CRT
09/06/10 Added CV2158 thyratron, and CV5302 and CV963 CRTs
05/06/10 Added CV5109 to GE10. Added CV1884 double triode
04/06/10 Added CV477, CV2105 and CV5961 pentodes
25/05/10 Added CV122 triode
20/05/10 Added CV5416, CV7117, CV7765 and CV8541 transistors
02/05/10 Added CV5457, CV7007, CV8252 and CV8314, transistors, and VT128 to 1630
30/04/10 Added CV7061 transistor, 1P30 photocell, VT250 to EF50, VT188 double diode triode, and LK199 voltage regulator.
25/04/10 Added CV7004, CV7042, CV7334, CV7341A, CV7342 and CV10826 transistors
24/04/10 Added CV7151, CV7152 and CV7346 transistors, and VT70 triode pentode
23/04/10 Added CV7003, CV7083, CV7084 and CV7086 transistors, and CV8108 CRT
21/04/10 Added CV10718 transistor, REL52 rectifier and CV1221 transmitting pentode
20/04/10 Added CV2384 silicon diode and 1698 monoscope
15/04/10 Added CV973 'circuit unit'
23/03/10 Added CV456 thyratron
21/03/10 Added LG3 rectifier, 2D1S measuring diode and GI150-1 triode.
08/03/10 Added CV2280 CRT
05/03/10 Added CV120 magnetron
03/03/10 Added REL8B klystron
28/02/10 Added CV2154, CV7108, CV7109, and CV7377 mixer diodes
23/02/10 Added CV6135 to CV4047. Added CV2272 CRT, LG7 double diode, and 2D7S noise diode.
20/02/10 Added NR50 triode, CV676 to 726A and VT510 to CV1510
07/02/10 Added CV2663 to 815
29/01/10 Added VT159 rectifier, CV344 triode and CV2238 pentode
20/01/10 Added CV4021 rectifier and CV6131 tetrode
17/01/10 Added CV13 and CV6051 thyratrons
16/01/10 Added CV6079 magnetron (?) and CV6028 pre-TR cell
08/01/10 Added CV617 rectifier and CV2240 pentode
02/01/10 Added AV33 and AV44 tungsten filament control diodes

Coming soon

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