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Updates in 2006

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19/12/06 Added VI132 neon indicator
02/10/06 Added NT82 to CV1246 and NGT2 to GT1C.
28/09/06 Added AW3 to VS110.
26/09/06 Added VR91A to EF50; Added VR37 and VT81 triodes.
23/09/06 Added CV2932 triode, ARP9 pentode, VR107 heptode, and CV2210 and CV2520 thyratrons
22/09/06 Added CV1124 to VR124; added NR57 triode and VT46 pentode.
15/09/06 Added 2D4A double diode, and AC2/HL triode, and 602 vacuum switch.
14/09/06 Added VU33 diode, and VR19 and VT45 triodes.
13/09/06 Added VR17, VR32, VT20 and VT23 triodes, VT51 pentode and VR43 heptode.
11/09/06 Added VR83 to CV1083 and NU12 to CV1264; Added VR22 triode, VR28 tetrode and NR77 pentode.
10/09/06 Added ARP8 tetrode, ARP18 and NR51 pentodes, and STV75/15/II stabiliser
09/09/06 Added VR109, DS310 and AR4 triodes, NU3 and NU7 rectifiers, and NR61 and VR108 pentodes.
07/09/06 Added AW2 and VS70 to CV1070, and AW4 to STV280/40.
06/09/06 Added CV4047 voltage regulator, GK32 gas triode, NC16 and VCRX131 CRTs, CV2940 pentode, and PE7B and FEU-1 photocells.
05/09/06 Added CV289 ATR cell. Added VR130 to CV1586 and NU33 to SU2150A.
22/08/06 Added 3AE photocell, AG1006 diode, MX40 heptode and a Standard Leak
18/08/06 Added VT105 double triode, NR86 tetrode, BL146 spark gap and an unknown device X481D
16/08/06 Added CV1246 and CV1732 triodes, and VT120 to 954.
15/08/06 Added another VR59 and VR82 triode/heptode.
11/08/06 Added CV1572 to VT60A; added 6J5G triode and PM12M tetrode.
06/08/06 Added NSP1 strobotron
05/08/06 Added VT94 to 6J5; added M5007, CV2412 and CV5018 magnetrons
24/07/06 Added CV4030 voltage stabiliser.
22/07/06 Added AR3, NR14A and NR17 triodes.
20/07/06 Added AT26, NR7A, NR14 and NT13 triodes.
07/07/06 Added CV1674, VT203 and VT209 pentodes
05/07/06 Added DD207 double diode, 27 and CV10813 triodes, CV420 CRT and 306 barretter.
26/06/06 Added another SU2150A (10E/121), 6J5 triode, and CV1400 and C1C barretters
25/06/06 Added AT50 triode
24/06/06 Added ARP33 to MSP4; CV5073, VT64 and VT25 triodes, VS110A stabiliser, S625 screen grid valve, and ARP26 beam tetrode
20/06/06 Added CV808 dual triode and CV6097 triode shunt stabiliser
05/06/06 Updated CY31; Added P61 triode, and (PO) VT107 to CV1675
28/05/06 Added another CV1698 and VR67; Added CV2475 magnetron, CK1111 raysistor, AL4 pentode, EZ4 rectifier, KDD1 double triode, 6P3S beam tetrode
21/05/06 Added VT131 pentode, VT167 triode/hexode, a Beckman 931 and another DH63.
13/05/06 Added an RCA CV574, RL18 to NR88; added VT77 pentode, 122A barretter, and VT133 double diode triode
07/05/06 Added CV1747 to M505; added AC/TH1 triode/hexode.
05/05/06 Added 10E/603 to CV587 and 1638 to VR54. Added CV4035 double triode and CV2465 beam tetrode. Updated 2X2.
01/05/06 Added CV2477 and MI119 magnetrons and FG105 thyratron
24/04/06 Added another VT52, VR35 to CV1035, and VR106 to CV1106.
17/04/06 Added DL33 beam tetrode, RPY13, XE5 (both unknowns), 918 photocell; added ML6 to VT105 and VT69 to 6D6.
16/04/06 Added 2050W thyratron, EL3C and 3B22 rectifiers, and 1AD4 and DF1 pentodes
11/04/06 Added E1192 to CV1501, CV1133 to VU133 and VT139 to CV216; Added EF9 and CV1106 pentodes
06/04/06 Added E1231 to CV52.
29/03/06 Added CV176 triode.
21/03/06 Added VX8142 to CV4054, 6Y6GA and VT185 beam tetrodes, VT84 fullwave rectifier, VT93 and VT153 double diode pentodes, VT147 heptode, and LG6 double diode
20/03/06 Added VT167A to CV1944, VT66 pentode and CV6210 noise generator
13/03/06 Added VT229 to CV1985; updated CV422; added VT268 double triode.
11/03/06 Added CV1941 to 6K7G, ARP4 and ARP14 HF pentodes, and CV1830 and VU120A halfwave rectifiers.
08/03/06 Added VR78 and ARD2 to D1.
05/03/06 Added CV1199 to NS2
22/02/06 Added CV3300D klystron
20/02/06 Added NR74 to CV1189, and B13S5 CRT
18/02/06 Added VT116 to 6SJ7
16/02/06 Added CV281 triode/hexode
11/02/06 Added CV2463 CRT, CV442 diode, and 12SJ7 and 12SK7GT/T pentodes
07/02/06 Added internal views of ACT25, 5Z4 rectifier, 6E5 tuning indicator, CV511 beam tetrode, 150C1 and 150C1P voltage stabilisers, QF45X TR cell, and TG24 and TG202 spark gaps.
06/02/06 Added another CV69, 2B23 magnetically controlled diode, and RXB-103544 spark gap.
16/01/06 Added CV2790 to C1K, 2C53 rectifier, 7650 beam tetrode, 1S21 vacuum switch, and 5EAP7 CRT.
14/01/06 Added 2E27 pentode, E188CC double triode, E80CF triode pentode and CV1933 triode
09/01/06 Added EC52 to CV1137, CV3601 to 7193, BLT004A spark gap switch, CV2248 protective gap, CV2462 to SC1/1400 and CV4085 pentode
02/01/06 Added 3C22 triode, added CV2815 to ML4.
01/01/06 Added NS1 to STV280/80, EA53 diode, CV4081 triode, 702B TR cell and CV10332 dual beam tetrode

Coming soon

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