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Updates in 2005

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29/12/05 Added 4372, 4378 and 4390 spark gaps
18/12/05 Added FP54 space-charge grid valve, 730A magnetron, 1B51, 1B56 and REL64 TR cells, and 1P25 infrared image converter.
16/12/05 Added 8014A triode and 1B41 spark gap
15/12/05 Added NU17 to MU14, and 834 triode
24/11/05 Added CV2110 thyratron and 902 CRT
19/11/05 Added CV6121 TR cell and 723A klystron.
15/11/05 Added another TZ40, 13D1 to CV423, CV572 to 6X5G, CV1192 pentode and CV354 and E2760 triodes.
11/11/05 Added a Type J ozotron.
10/11/05 Added 12A6 beam tetrode, updated and added 6V6, added 6K7G pentode.
08/11/05 Added CV1200 barretter, a Tuneon and a Westector.
02/11/05 Added CV524 tetrode, SP4 pentode, and VU508 rectifier.
31/10/05 Added CV626 triode, CV2293 barretter, and CV6060 TR cell.
17/10/05 Added VR66 to CV1066, a mis-marked CV1306, and NR39 to VR118
16/10/05 Added CV102 crystal valve
15/10/05 Added VT138 tuning indicator, CV1641 triode, and CV5220 to KT88.
13/10/05 Added CV322 klystron, VR55 to CV1055 and VR57 to CV1057
09/10/05 Added CV1521, CV2904 and VCR514 CRTs
07/10/05 Added CV262, CV884 and CV1597 CRTs
06/10/05 Added (PO)VT179 to CV1722, (PO)VT127A double diode and CV245 pentode
05/10/05 Added CV181 double triode
04/10/05 Added CV1385 CRT and CV1916 magnetron
29/09/05 Added CV199 micropup and CV222 beam tetrode
24/09/05 Added CV2269 triode and CV1186 to 6F6G.
11/09/05 Added NU4 rectifier
10/09/05 Added CV2161 klystron
09/09/05 Added CV1653 triode and CV1944 triode/hexode
06/09/05 Added CV109 klystron
04/09/05 Added CV2523 to 6AS7G, and M558 magnetron
02/09/05 Added DET1, DET1SW and DO40 triodes
01/09/05 Added CV25 triode and CV165 crystal diode
22/07/05 Added CV2419 and CV2230 CRTs.
21/07/05 Added CV2352 and VCR112 CRTs
20/07/05 Added CK1414F10C monoscope, and CV279 and CV418 CRTs
19/07/05 Added NT98 magnetron, CV2246 and CV2247 GM tubes, and CV1110 voltage stabiliser.
16/07/05 Added W21 to CV171, M505 magnetron and 815 dual beam tetrode
04/07/05 Added CV1596 CRT
21/06/05 Added VI77 tuning indicator.
20/06/05 Added AP66503 mount with thermocouple to Equipment.
18/06/05 Added CV464, CV1530, CV2108 and CV2191 CRTs.
17/06/05 Added ARP36 to the CV1065 page.
15/06/05 Added CV1581 to VR99A, and NR54 acorn.
13/06/05 Added 805 triode, CV559 rectifier, VR40 triode and Gammatron 24 triode. Updated CV56 and CV1994 (new images)
01/06/05 Added CV3870 rectifier and CV6066 stabiliser (to SC1/1800)
31/05/05 Added CV960 CRT, BD12 rectifier, and Y61 and Y63 (to CV1103) tuning indicators.
30/05/05 Added CV2111 magnetron
11/05/05 Added CV882 double diode triode.
03/05/05 Added CV448 semiconductor (!) diode, and T2H/60JA thermocouple
29/04/05 Added CV1057 octode, and VR116 to CV1116
26/04/05 Added CV5256 rectifier and another EF39
23/04/05 Added VR119 double diode, ML4 triode, BDM20 and VW48 tetrodes, and CV5262 beam tetrode.
22/04/05 Added VR67 to the CV1067 page, CV1985 double triode, CV1698 tetrode and VT115 pentode.
20/04/05 Added CV394 tuning indicator
18/04/05 Added CV2276 electron multiplier and CV6177 (unknown device)
13/04/05 Added VI103 tuning indicator
01/04/05 Added CV185 triode and 1B42 spark gap
23/03/05 Added HL23 to CV1586, and R08 and R09 developmental valves
17/03/05 Added CV992 magnetron.
14/03/05 Added CV991 magnetron, 1749 rectifier, LG2 double diode and RS394 triode.
09/03/05 Added CV1103 tuning indicator, and CV2431 and 7QR20 CRTs
03/03/05 Added CV5233 pentode and CV6071 klystron
01/03/05 Added UA1A rectifier
25/02/05 Added ET51 trochotron
18/02/05 Added CV2329 ballast lamp
17/02/05 Added CV988 neon indicator
15/02/05 Added GSH101 noise diode
11/02/05 Added GMI5 and GMI6 tetrodes, and RD200B triode
10/02/05 Added RC5C triode and VI3-70/32 diode
06/02/05 Identified TG121A
29/01/05 Added CV1883 tetrode and CV6189 pentode, a second CV1099 and CV1144, and CV2306 TR cell
28/01/05 Added CV1102 double triode and CV5110 pentode
19/01/05 Added CV38 to the REL3C page
12/01/05 Added NT93 micropup
06/01/05 Added UCH42 triode/hexode, updated the 20F2 page, and added VT237 acorn
04/01/05 Added BS810 TR cell to the CV1923 page

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