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Updates in 2004

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17/12/04 Added CV2204 triode and CW10 magnetron
13/12/04 Added CV114 TR cell and 113228 UV detector.
05/12/04 Added CV5042 double triode and CV8109 CRT
02/12/04 Added CV24 triode
30/11/04 Added CV4508 pentode
27/11/04 Added CV2193 CRT
24/11/04 Added 5593 phasitron
20/11/04 Added three more CV1673s, CV3524 gas relay, CV1694 triode and E3375.
16/11/04 Added another CV1672, CV1673 triode, BT93 thyratron and 1846 iconoscope.
13/11/04 Added another 7475 stabiliser, 4PR60A tetrode, and another mini magnetron
07/11/04 Added ACT29B triode
29/10/04 Added CV6022 thyratron
26/10/04 Added DH63 to CV587 and L63 to CV1067, KT76 beam tetrode and B36 double triode.
25/10/04 Added CV1068 to STV280/40, EL32 to CV1052, CV1660 and POVT82 triodes, CV1438 beam tetrode and CV1722 tetrode.
17/10/04 Added NR64 to VR100, and CV1635 pentode.
14/10/04 Added AU5 to VU111, CV5351 numeric display, and CV1672 pentode
12/10/04 Added CV1588 CRT, CV244 pentode, CV1600 triode and CV4045 beam tetrode
07/10/04 Added CV103 crystal valve, CV1526 CRT and CV5463 heil tube
06/10/04 Added CV2339 pre-TR cell
04/10/04 Added CV16 triode.
01/10/04 Added CV1937, CV1961, CV3887, CV9915, MSP4 and 837 pentodes, NS2 voltage stabiliser and CV3881 double diode
30/09/04 Added CV1056 pentode (merged VR56 and NR49 pages) and CV589 double diode triode.
28/09/04 Added VS-2 vacuum switch and 703A triode.
20/09/04 Added CV75 gas relay, CV119 bolometer and CV127 triode.
18/09/04 Added CV1129 / VR129 pentode
17/09/04 Added CV1240 pentode
15/09/04 Added CV848 pentode and CV980 arrestor.
13/09/04 Added VR126 hexode
03/09/04 Added CV2160 rectifier
30/08/04 Added CV1911 to the 6F6G page.
23/07/04 Added a picture of a tiode to the 2-01C page, and info on CV date codes. Added CV1522 CRT.
22/07/04 Added CV2377 beam tetrode
21/07/04 Added XX1080 image intensifier, CV4019 beam tetrode, and SC1/2000 corona stabiliser.
18/07/04 Added another VR91, ZA2 acorn to 954, EF8, CV1977 and CV2101 pentodes, and CV2104 diode pentode.
16/07/04 Added CV2516 UHF triode, CV3512 thyratron, and VR21 triode.
12/07/04 Added CV452 double diode triode, CV2133 photocell, and updated the 2-01C.
30/06/04 Added CV291 crystal valve and CV476 pentode
28/06/04 Added VT158 Zahl Tube
25/06/04 Added CV3986 double triode, ARP3, CV5094, CV5810 and CV5809 pentodes, 1110 fullwave rectifier, CV9026 heptode, CV5217 gas triode, and CV5948 and CV8297 triode/pentodes.
24/06/04 Added 2C34 to the CV18 page, another VR91 (marked 10E/92b), and a GN10 strobotron.
16/06/04 Added SC2/3500 corona stabiliser
15/06/04 Added VCR517A CRT
10/06/04 Added CV1733 CRT
07/06/04 Added RL16 ballast and CV2287 GM tube.
04/06/04 Added CV473 to CVX473, CV1861 fullwave rectifier, CV4056 pentode, CV283 double diode, and CV4094, CV4095, CV4096 and CV4097 beam tetrodes.
03/06/04 Added CV651 neon stabiliser to 991, and VX8048 pentode.
31/05/04 Added CV575 pentode, CV979 delay and another 8011/VT90.
30/05/04 Added CV4092 and CV4093 beam tetrodes, CV2331 pentode, and CV31 and CV1443 rectifiers
28/05/04 Added E4504/M/16 and CV1397 CRTs
25/05/04 Added CV2130 tetrode and NR73 to CV1285.
18/05/04 Added M503A magnetron
10/05/04 Added an unusual device, possibly a vacuum gauge.
05/05/04 Added 5894/C178A dual pentode, SC1/1800 corona stabiliser, and three GE prototype valves - Grounded grid UHF amp, UHF amp, and STD triode.
03/05/04 Added CV451/ET3 electrometer triode, a 6AJ4 prototype and a minature magnetron.
02/05/04 Added CV1697 triode/hexode, RG3-250 rectifier, and KS9-40 and K311 reflex klystrons.
29/04/04 Added E1423 and CV1905 tetrodes, CV2736 triode and CV5298 stabiliser.
27/04/04 Added CV144 image converter and CV424 beam tetrode.
23/04/04 Added CV497 TR cell and NT10 triode.
22/04/04 Added CV1574 to the VR65A page, and CV1586 triode.
21/04/04 Added CV409 tetrode and CV1518 CRT.
19/04/04 Added AR8 to the CV1306 page. Added M513 magnetron.
17/04/04 Added CV1101 to the VR101 page and another 1B59.
16/04/04 Added CV5962 triode, and CV1949 to the 6D4 page.
15/04/04 Added CV1197 to the NR88 page.
14/04/04 Added VLS631 thermal delay to CV342, A2293 triode to CV4079, VX3192 pentode to CV4062, CV1100 pentode to VR100, CV5331 double triode, CV2901 pentode, CV5215 triode pentode.
10/04/04 Added CV3789 and CV5311 triodes, ATS25 beam tetrode and CV2243 pentode.
07/04/04 Added MIU51 platinotron
05/04/04 Added 56AVP photomultiplier, E2362 to CV415, and CV1090 to VT90.
30/03/04 Added an unknown image tube.
24/03/04 Added CV1055 double diode triode and VX3353 pulse modulator.
23/03/04 Added CV1264 rectifier, CV1991 double diode triode, CV4010, CV4501 and CV2983 pentodes, CV2157 TB cell, CV4070 triode and CV4003 double triode.
22/03/04 Added CV783, CV2288 and CV4502 pentode, CV277 and VU113 rectifiers, CV4013 double triode, VR99A triode/hexode, and XC26 regulator.
20/03/04 Added 930 photocell, CV2886 GM tube, CV171 and EL50 pentodes
08/03/04 Added 220HPT pentode, EE50 tetrode, 11E3 and 6CD6G beam tetrodes, and CV3799 voltage stabiliser
06/03/04 Added V243A/3FS heil tube.
02/03/04 Added XL601 glow modulator, DET24 triode, 43 pentode.
26/02/04 Added 5A/156M to the EF54 page.
23/02/04 Added ARDD5 diode and another CV1065.
17/02/04 Added DA41 and 8025A triodes.
15/02/04 Added 4J31 magnetron
14/02/04 Added CV2275 triode, CV2726 and CV4050 pentodes, and U60 and CV8051 rectifiers
11/02/04 Added CV6107 S-band monitor diode.
10/02/04 Added K300 and CV2343 klystrons, CV216 voltage stabiliser and U82 fullwave rectifier.
09/02/04 Added a 'sensitive element type H' ozotron
04/02/04 Added CV3997 magnetron.
02/02/04 Added CV3982 magnetron.
30/01/04 Added CV6142 reflex klystron.
28/01/04 Added CV271 fluorescent indicator.
23/01/04 Added CV4051 double triode, and CV2524, CV4029, CV4065 and CV4083 pentodes.
22/01/04 Added 6619 ATR cell and a CV2000 which is not to spec.
21/01/04 Added 5965, 6060 and VX7112 double triode, and VX7509 pentode.
20/01/04 Added V241C/2K heil tube, CV2194 voltage stabiliser, CV4069 double triode, CV2371 and CV9933 pentodes, and CV4071 rectifier.
19/01/04 Added CV468 triode, CV499 beam tetrode, CV1099 triode hexode and CV1743 protective spark gap.
16/01/04 Added CV148 infrared image converter.
15/01/04 Added CV1477 magnetron.
14/01/04 Added CV107 TR cell, CV298 SPDT switch and CV2734 ballast lamp.
13/01/04 Added CV2252 protective spark gap.
12/01/04 Added VU39 to MU14; Added CV4040 and CV4067 beam tetrodes, CV820, CV1862, CV2031, CV4062 and CV4063 pentodes, CV2128 triode/heptode, CV4001, CV4044 and CV4057 rectifiers, and CV4048 voltage reference.
08/01/04 Added V1906 and 5R4WGY rectifiers, and an additional CV345 and CV1120.

Coming soon

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