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Updates in 2002

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31/12/02 Added a Westinghouse WL-533 to the VT98 page.
28/12/02 Added EY91/CV135 rectifier and CV136 HF pentode.
22/12/02 Updated 36
21/12/02 Added 6D4 thyratron and a vacuum gauge. Updated G1/371K.
17/12/02 Added LV30 pentode
11/12/02 Added DAF11 diode pentode, DF11 and DL11 pentodes, EZ11 rectifier, V914 diode and T41 thyratron.
10/12/02 Added another C3b, RE144 triode, RENS1204 tetrode and 317B diode. Added a page with a dismantled stabilovolt.
09/12/02 Added 367 and 28001 rectifiers, CV6180 TWT, a vacuum gauge and a large unknown triode.
03/12/02 Added VA221C and 707A klystrons, and L2318D pentode.
02/12/02 Added AF7 pentode, AH1 hexode, 3B26, EZ12 and RG62 rectifiers, and 6322 TR Cell
30/11/02 Added TT15 to the CV415 page, and 12J1L pentode
29/11/02 Added RG12D3 double diode, AZ1 and VY1 rectifiers, RE134 triode, AF3 pentode and STV150/20 stabiliser
22/11/02 Added Te5h20 and R320-20 stabilisers, 4671, RL12T1 and RL12T2 triodes, 4672 and RL1P2 pentodes.
21/11/02 Added an RD12Ta to the RC5B page, and a C3m pentode
20/11/02 Added CV1795 reflex klystron, S1/10.2IHA thyratron and STV280/80 voltage regulator
18/11/02 Added CV55 micropup and CV2189 heil tube.
17/11/02 Added the German TS1a triode, RL12P10 and RV12P4000 pentodes, and 150A2 stabiliser
16/11/02 Added RC5B German triode, CV1700 pentode, CV1137 triode, CV74 rectifier and CV1872 dummy load lamp.
13/11/02 Updated CV188 and CV1070. Added 4B31 and CV371 to rectifiers, 3B/241M to triodes, and S103/1K to specials
12/11/02 Added 4B32 rectifier and CV462 TB Cell
11/11/02 Added CV253 crystal valve (a semiconductor diode!)
10/11/02 Added 5B/255M beam tetrode, and an unknown Russian valve
08/11/02 Updated CV1481 with more inside pictures. Added CV1070 stabiliser, CV2179 and RS337 pentodes, and CV2434 trigger tube.
07/11/02 Updated CV2116, EF50 and 1B24. Added CV736 CRT, CV415 and CV4046 double beam tetrodes.
31/10/02 Added LD5 German triode and updated CV276.
30/10/02 Added CV455 to ECC81 page, CV491 to ECC82 page, 0B2 and CV4028 voltage regulators, CV4025 double diode, 6X4 and CV4005 rectifiers, EC91 triode, M8137 and CV4024 double triodes, 9D6, CV2127 and CV2129 pentodes, CV4018 thyratron, 1H5G diode-triode.
29/10/02 Added PT9 triode
24/10/02 Added CV139 grounded-grid triode
20/10/02 Added CV1480 magnetron
19/10/02 Added CV192 and updated CV64 magnetrons
17/10/02 Added VR118 tetrode
15/10/02 Added VU71 fullwave rectifier
12/10/02 Added CV21 pentode, CV345 to the 12E1 page, and CV26 to the 813 page.
09/10/02 Added CV2271 to the GC10B page, LD15 triode and CV124 beam tetrode. Added CV1111 to the VU111, and CV1120 to SU2150A.
08/10/02 Added 2J36 magnetron
07/10/02 Added CV1478 and CV1482 magnetrons
05/10/02 Added CV350 and VT62 HF triodes, and CV486 trigatron
01/10/02 Added CV73 beam tetrode, CV372 thyratron and CV430 diode
24/09/02 Added CV54 rectifier, CV51 tuning indicator, CV66 and CV78 triodes, 20X672 and S-289415-B tungar rectifiers, CV173 pentode, CV72 tetrode, CV265 diode, CV45 stabiliser and an unusual spark gap.
23/09/02 Added CV172 noise diode
22/09/02 Added 36 tetrode, 708A triode, and BA rectifier
20/09/02 Added CV63 triode, CV433 ballast lamp and CV485 heil tube
16/09/02 Added CV220 strobotron, CV233 surge arrestor, CV2221 and V237C/2K heil tubes, and an odd device!
13/09/02 Added CV221 TR Cell
12/09/02 Added 1B35A ATR cell
11/09/02 Added 5J32 split-anode magnetron
10/09/02 Added CV140 and CV4007 double diodes, CV4031 and CV858 double triodes, CVX2209 and CV4014 pentodes.
07/09/02 Identified an old fluorescent starter and moved to Lamps; Added CV138 HF pentode
06/09/02 Added WX3506 pentode
03/09/02 Added another GXU1
27/08/02 Added information/specs on a number of the older magnetrons
25/08/02 Added CV6045 tetrode, CV4098, VR65A and CV1065 pentodes.
24/08/02 Added CV188, CV286 to stabilisers, CV4079 triode, CV2255 trigger tube, CV5285 voltage reference, X81 triode/hexode, DH149 double-diode-triode, EL360, CV1116, CV1699 and W81 pentodes, 4A1 and L102/1K ballasts.
23/08/02 Added CV431 to 85A1, CV118 pentode, CV217 klystron, CV287 and CV395 stabilisers
22/08/02 Added VU111 rectifier
21/08/02 Added CV976 TR Cell
18/08/02 Added 35T and 54 to HF, CV2171 to special devices, and CV1587 to CRTs.
17/08/02 Added CV6173 to the 24B9 page, and 24G to HF. Also added a better picture of the CV71.
15/08/02 Added HR1/60/0.5 CRT, CV1881 noise source, and HY114B VHF triode
14/08/02 Added CV294 pre-TR Cell, 4045A to Tetrodes and CV71 to Stabilisers
11/08/02 Added BD10 to Rectifiers
04/08/02 Added 1636 to heptodes.
02/08/02 Added pictures of a dismantled VS10G.
01/08/02 Added TS41 German triode, and a picture of the glass part of a VS10G.
30/07/02 Added CV295 spark gap and LB8 CRT. Added a picture of a CV370 and associated TR cell.
28/07/02 Added CV370 magnetron
24/07/02 Added VT98A. Added data on the RD150YB.
23/07/02 Added K3033 reflex klystron and U21 and VU134 rectifiers.
21/07/02 Added 405BU fullwave rectifier
20/07/02 Added CV57 modulator beam tetrode; added x-ray pictures to CV56, CV64 and A15523.
19/07/02 Added REL3BX Magnetron, ATP7 pentode and AC50 to Thyratrons
18/07/02 Added VS10G Trochotron to Counting & Display
11/07/02 Added CK526AX and CK6088 to submins, and an unidentified stabiliser to Unknown.
10/07/02 Added 1054 to Rectifiers
07/07/02 Added a picture of the 150/6G MAR ignition solenoid, and pictures of another VT98 and a dissected VT98. Added VT58A.
05/07/02 Added 1B49 to Trigger tubes and CV158 to Klystrons
04/07/02 Added VT61A to HF, MU14 to Rectifiers, 6D6 to Pentodes, and DAC32 to Multiples.
03/07/02 Added 7193 UHF triode and data on the EV2-40T.
30/06/02 Added some basic data on the CV6 and 75H
29/06/02 Added CV1923 TR Cell
28/06/02 Added information about the CV6026
24/06/02 Updated the mercury arc rectifier page
23/06/02 Added some information on the VX2511; Added CV6026 Thyratron.
21/06/02 Added C6J thyratron
14/06/02 Added some more pictures of the MT9L
10/06/02 Added GS13 microwave triode and VLS492AG CRT
09/06/02 Added VR53, VR56 and CV1052 pentodes and YL1042 tetrode.
07/06/02 Added 5B/254M beam tetrode and a 710A to the VT90 page.
02/06/02 Added FG67 thyratron and more pictures of the 150/6G MAR
01/06/02 Added 150/6G Mercury Arc Rectifier
31/05/02 Added CV240 Micropup, CV360 to the Need Info page, CV2298 tetrode, A15523 to Unknown and CV2114 Magnetron. Added pictures of another VCR97.
28/05/02 Added 1B36 ATR cell
20/05/02 Added REL3C Magnetron
19/05/02 Added CV323 Klystron
18/05/02 Added CV9 Pentode and CV314 Klystron
14/05/02 Added 6AR7GT to Multiples and CV2190, CV5048 and CV5049 to Other microwave. Also added a picture of another V247C/1K.
09/05/02 Added CV94 to TR Cells
30/04/02 Added CV1484 to Magnetrons
29/04/02 Added CV223 to Klystrons
27/04/02 Added REL38C Trigatron and CV12 Thyratron
24/04/02 Added CV99C magnetron
23/04/02 Added AR21 to Multiples
21/04/02 Added 316A doorknob triode to High Frequency and CV994 to Magnetrons
18/04/02 Added CV8 and CV43 to TR Cells and BT89 to Thyratrons. "CV2221" identified as V247C/1K
17/04/02 Added CV77 to Unknown
14/04/02 Added CV160A Magnetron
13/04/02 Added VCR97 CRT and another VCR139A.
08/04/02 Added EF54 (CV1136) to Pentodes
05/04/02 Added pictures of the cathode of the REL3D
04/04/02 Added 5FP7 CRT
03/04/02 Added picture of opened up REL3D
02/04/02 Added 6161 to Power valves and 872A to Rectifiers
30/03/02 Added 623 to Rectifiers
29/03/02 Updated information on CV186, CV1479 and CV1481, and added pictures of CV64 and CV1481 internals.
26/03/02 Added CV293 TR Cell
20/03/02 Added REL1 to the VT90 page
18/03/02 Added CV22 to Thyratrons
16/03/02 Updated REL3D with new images (new valve)
12/03/02 Added 954, 9004 and CV115.
10/03/02 Updated D1 and added VR92/CV1092.
09/03/02 Added VCR139A CRT (two examples) and B7 S4-01 to CRTs
08/03/02 Added CV1485 and CV1486 to Magnetrons
07/03/02 Added XQ1311 to Camera tubes and REL36 to HF
04/03/02 Added 7248 to Power valves
02/03/02 Added CV1504 to Rectifiers
01/03/02 Added U24 to Rectifiers
27/02/02 Added QC05/15 to Power valves and 3CX100A5 to High frequency.
25/02/02 Added 1630 to Hexodes and 75H to Power valves.
24/02/02 Added SP41 and SP61 to Pentodes
22/02/02 Added 4J50 to Magnetrons
21/02/02 Added CDX-3 to X-ray tubes
20/02/02 Added 1B22 to Trigger tubes (for now!), BS52A to TR Cells and 866A to Rectifiers
15/02/02 Added GT411 vacuum gauge to Special devices
11/02/02 Added 5820 to Camera Tubes and CV2792 to Klystrons
07/02/02 Added 991 to Stabilisers
03/02/02 Added BR1121 to Power valves
02/02/02 Added X26E to Klystrons and 724B to TR Cells
26/01/02 Added 6975 to Klystrons
24/01/02 Added 6442 to High Frequency.
10/01/02 Added translation of the data sheet on the IF17 page.
09/01/02 Added 6263A to High Frequency
08/01/02 Added 1B27 to TR Cells
05/01/02 Added CV19 to Rectifiers.
04/01/02 Added TMA406H Graphecon to CRT's (for now!)
01/01/02 Added 6977 to Tuning indicators. AJ5101 identified as indeed an Ignitron - moved to Rectifiers.

Coming soon

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