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Updates before 2002

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31/12/01 Added NU5 to Rectifiers
26/12/01 Added 217283 Tungar Bulb to Rectifiers, and A4100 to German
25/12/01 Added GXU4 to Rectifiers
24/12/01 The 'list of valves' is now run from a script, allowing selection as opposed to just a full list. Also, all the Russian valve pages have been renamed to A-Z translations rather than the 'sounds' which were used before. This means they can be indexed 'correctly' rather than mostly appearing at the end of the list.
21/12/01 Unknown valve identified: TB2,5/400 - moved to Power
20/12/01 Added some information on glow modulators
19/12/01 Added 981 to Power valves - but need information for it. Added information on the ESW3000 and moved to Power.
18/12/01 Added CV1479 to Magnetrons
16/12/01 Added 5J30 to Magnetrons, EV2-40T to Rectifiers, ESW3000 to Unknown, RK715A to Power. Identified: 8683 and moved to Power.
13/12/01 Added 1B38 to TR Cells
09/12/01 Added some data on the ehlehf7
06/12/01 Added CV186 to Magnetrons
04/12/01 Added CV92 to HF/UHF, PM2A to Triodes and an unknown TX valve
03/12/01 Added 721A to TR Cells
01/12/01 Removed the 'Old' section and moved the valves to individual diode, triode etc. pages.
30/11/01 Added CV58 to HF/UHF
29/11/01 Added CV972 to HF/UHF , and CV15 to Unknown
28/11/01 Added ehlehf7 to unknown
26/11/01 Added 1B23 and CV1499. Added CV1098 to the VT98 page. Added CV64.
23/11/01 Updated E1T picture and added information. Added 7895, 8056 and another shot of the 7077.
22/11/01 Added: ECC84, 6Q7GT, 10P14, 6P28, KT61, 25L6GT, GZ37, CY31
21/11/01 Updated CV6/VT232/E1148 page
17/11/01 Added: E80CC, E80F, EABC80, EL85, X79
14/11/01 Added information on the 1B32 and more on the 1B59. Added RL2P3 and a picture of a different RL2T2
12/11/01 Added information on 1B59, CV2321, 1018
09/11/01 Added information on the CV6006
08/11/01 Added: C3b and 328a
06/11/01 Added: 1018 to Rectifiers and updated the Encyclopedia a bit! Added info on the 8072 and the CV2381 has been identified.
31/10/01 Added: NT57T silica valve
29/10/01 Added: 1B37, 1B40, 1B46, 6328, 927; updated the RD150YB to include pictures of the SWB18 transmitter that used the equivalkent CAT17 valves.
26/10/01 Added: 1B59, 8072, 8683
23/10/01 Added: 1B32
22/10/01 'Enarde 1200V' identified as an SC3 corona stabiliser
19/10/01 Added: 721B, 725A and BX1000. Also added the datasheets for the eeehf -17. Added 6V6GT.
18/10/01 Added: 5787WA, 1616, 878, CV717, 6021, 6481, 5636, EL2, VR135 and an unknown klystron
14/10/01 Added: 327A to HF/UHF
11/10/01 Added: CV397 to HF/UHF and CV2318 to Unknown
08/10/01 Added: CV2218 to Rectifiers
07/10/01 Added: EAM86 to Tuning indicators
05/10/01 Added: CV408, CV6094 and CV789. some information on Heil Tubes added.
01/10/01 Added: CV5, and a new picture of an SU2150A
29/09/01 Added: VX2511, and a better picture of the Mullard EF50
28/09/01 Added: EF12, PM3, VR91; added picture of Cossor EF50.
27/09/01 Updated CX1140 picture; added CV2321, EF55, EFP60, EQ80, LF, RV2,4P700
25/09/01 Added 704A, CV258, RV2P800, CV129 and STV150/15
23/09/01 Added CV89
21/09/01 Added CV88, CV339
15/09/01 Added CV18, HY-615, V190C/1M, K-113Aeh-ahbahrotnahyeh
10/09/01 Added Thomson ITK 2-1 water-cooled triode; CV6006 identified as a TR Cell
03/09/01 Added CV228 heil tube
29/08/01 Added tiny 6299, 7077 and 7486 planar triodes
28/08/01 Added ARTH2, CV309, P41, 6H6
16/08/01 Wanted section updated (with a shopping list!!). V1507 internal design indicates it is actually a V1507C.
08/08/01 Added 7586 and 7587 Nuvistors, and CV208 magnetron
01/08/01 Added Russian gehee-6beh, gehee-12beh, ehlehn-12 and eeehf -17 CRT-like tubes
30/07/01 Added new pictures of the N1038C TWT.
27/07/01 Updated the Heil Tube (wrongly named CV2221) as I found another mark stamped inside! Also the 717A is a pentode, not a triode.
26/07/01 Added: VT98
24/07/01 The big triode has been identified as an 833A.
23/07/01 Added: E180F, ECC81, ECF82, EF91, 12AH8, and new image of VT90 along with further info, and further info on the NT99.
20/07/01 Added: 5Z4G, and a big triode I have forgotten the number for!
12/07/01 Added: NT39 (ACT6), and MPT4, VMS4B, MS4B, W30, VMP4K Catkins.
05/07/01 Added: CV35 and new pictures of CV36, CV67 and CV87. Some sections have been re-arranged in an attempt to make things a bit easier - not finished yet!
04/07/01 The CAT18 is actually an RD150YB, probably equivalent to a CAT17; details altered and new photos added now it is out of it's box!
28/06/01 Added: CAT18, MT9L, CV447, CV6223, CV1481
22/06/01 Added: 19H5
21/06/01 Added: BT85, XR1-12A, CV2303, 10ZZ (?), 3A/147J, and a laser tube
Updated CAT9 info
20/06/01 Added: V1507, CV6132, CV6006, SAL-39, CAT9, TAL12/35, CV403, and also a huge CAT20 (or CAT18?) and an MT9L to the Unknown page as these are awaiting proper photographs!
15/06/01 Added information on the VA806V, VA222F, VA201B, RK707B and RK5721 klystrons.
14/06/01 Added: ECC32
13/06/01 Added: E83F, ECC82, 12K8GT, 6K7GT, 6X5G
11/06/01 Added: 61BT, 61SPT, 6F6G, 6N7G, DL63, 75C1, EB34, ECH4, EF37A, EL37, EL38, 14S7, UCH21, and updated pictures of the infrared converter and CV358.
08/06/01 Added: VR100, VR102, TDD4, SD6, MVS-PenB, FC4, 6BG6G, 12E1, 1D5, 18, 53KU
07/06/01 Added: U301, KS920A, U282, DD41, 884, ECC35, 15A2. Updated picture of 431U, and added a second B65 picture.
06/06/01 Added: U31, PZ30, U281, U403
31/05/01 Added: ACT25, CV238, CV264, CV2739, NT99, 826
18/05/01 Added: B1-0,1/30, 522AX, 5703, 6111, russian 'oo'81russian 'ehm'
14/05/01 Added: WL417, and new image of 6BL6
29/03/01 Added: 388A, AF100, LD1, LD2, LG1, LG4, LS50, RL2.4P2, RL2.4T1, RL2T2.
28/03/01 Added new images of the CV2221 plus a separate detailed shots page.
Moved: NU615 from Unknown to HF
Added: new imags of 416B, E55L, EL34, K81A, LV1, RG12D60, RV12P2000, Y1169.
26/03/01 Added: some Russian valves: 6zheh1zheh, gehkah71, gehoo50, tehgeh1
Modified: the parametric amplifier page, moving the detailed images to another page to speed download times!
16/03/01 Added new picture of the CV90
15/03/01 Added new pictures of CV53, CV273 and some closeups of the parametric amplifier
13/03/01 Added: 15E, 15R, and another shot of the KN22
12/03/01 Updated several images, including the KN22 krytron; and renamed GAA-322 to CAA322!
09/03/01 Added: GL-673 mercury rectifier, 8745, GAA-322
03/03/01 Identified Wang 7193 - originally just called 'nixie tube' in my listings.
27/02/01 Added new pictures of 2-01C and CV469 (guess who got a new lens!)
26/02/01 Added: KK32, 50CD6G, ARP12, ARP35, EF39
22/02/01 Added: 7131 rectifier
21/02/01 Added: WL24248 to Unknown
19/02/01 Added: GU50, plus a couple of unknowns to the Unknown page.
13/02/01 Added: QV03/12; moved 6ehr3ehs-1 to General; some valves moved between General, HF and Power
07/02/01 Moved: A2637 to General and CEQ-72 to Rectifiers
02/02/01 Moved: GRD7 to Special
29/01/01 Added: DH3-91 CRT, ME1401 electrometer, 929 and 61SV photocells, GRD7 (unknown), 1941A current regulator
24/01/01 Added an IR image Converter, which is labelled CV143 but that appears to be something else!
14/01/01 Added: VA-201B and VA-806V klystrons
26/12/00 Added: KN22, RW81, AJ5101
13/12/00 Added: 6peh36ehs, 6ehr3ehs-1, ehsgeh2ehs, ehsgeh4ehs, 2AS15A, SRU-55A, 5641, Y1169
12/12/00 Added: VT255 and 3D22
06/12/00 Moved G1/371K to Thyratrons, trigger tubes etc. (identified as a trigger tube)
01/12/00 Moved WL672A from unknown to thyratron
24/11/00 Added: 2D21, SA-309, 923, 931A
21/11/00 Added: CV56 magnetron
17/11/00 Added: G1/371K, NU615, M8212, PC900, CD90P, ZM1080, 6700, 6173, 2B22, 7698
16/11/00 Added: CV422, 6BN6, UL41, UAF42, RS-063, 6AL5, 20L1, 20F2, UY41, PCC84, 7108, DK92, B-5755, GS10C (now CV2325), StV100/60, DLS10
14/11/00 Added: CV52 and 3D
11/11/00 JE622 identified and moved to Old.
07/11/00 Moved: 416B to HF and GC10/2P to imaging/display
Updated: CV53 picture
03/11/00 Added: BA tungar bulb, 811A transmitting triode
02/11/00 Added: 4B26 tungar bulb, CV2221 heil tube, HX966B (Japanese)
01/11/00 Added: CV100, CEQ-72, GXU1, and VA152B
Moved: ME1400 and ME1403 to Special
24/10/00 Added: Western Electric 416B - to unknown as I do not have operational details yet
21/10/00 Updated pictures of 216A, 6BL6, 717A
20/10/00 Updated pictures of the Z502S and information about the 5J29 split-anode magnetron
19/10/00 Moved the parametric amplifier from unknown to HF - finally!
18/10/00 Added: K81A to unknown but now moved to the new 'special' section
17/10/00 Moved BH from unknown to rectifiers and RK5721 to HF
15/10/00 Added: 150C2, M8179, 6112, 5876
Removed: 5893 - rephotographed this and discovered it was really a 5876!
Rephotographed: CV467
Moved: 3A/167M from unknown to general - I had this as 3A/176M until I checked the valve again!
14/10/00 Added: 5J29, 6032, RK5721, 814, C3R14, WL468, CV4066, DL66, ME1403, and a Nixie tube
Rephotographed several others
13/10/00 Added: 3B28 to rectifiers, and BH initially to unknown
12/10/00 Added: GC10/2P - to unknown at this stage
11/10/00 Added: 450TL

Moved: 1A3 from rectifiers to general - it's a diode but not classed as a rectifier.
Moved: GE10 from unknown to general
Moved: ME1400 from unknown to general


Added: 85ZB31 CRT


Added: 8012, VT127A, 24B9, NGT7, CV224, CV193, CV36, CV116, 702-A, 1B26, 1B24, CV79, RK707B, CV1736
Added: WL672A, currently to unknown page.


The Unknown page has been converted to hold thumbnails to make it load faster. New images of the Parametric amplifier (still an unknown), 425PEN and the ET1 added (got a new camera!)


Ferranti CL58 identified (thanks to 'vipers') and moved to the Special | Lamps Devices and Lamps section.


Added: LV1, RG12D60, RV12P2000


Added: 85A1, 807, EL34, E55L, YL1080


10D1 moved to rectifiers, 1258 to thyratrons, CV1510 to power valves. Thanks to Hans-Thomas Schmidt for the info.


Added: M15-120GH crt
VR137 identified (I had this as VR37, no wonder I couldn't find what it was!)


Added: 6080 (=CV5008), PY500A, CV378, 83, CV358 (=EF37A), 5R4GY


Added: 20P1, 2E26, 431U, 6K25, AC/HL, AC/TP, CV1934, EA76, EM1, GY501, KT66, KT88, ME1400, OM-4, P215, QQV02/6, SP41, TH4B, VR54, VR65, Z502S,


Imaging: added two CRTs
Unknown: added CV6 (2 different types!), 10D1, CV1510, CV1306, 7H7, 7R7, 7S7, 7B5, 7C5, CV1331, EF37, CV65, TP25, B65, PL508, EBC3, QP22B, CV1347, 185BT. These are waiting for classification and should (I hope!) be relatively easy to find out information for.


I have altered the formats of a couple of the larger pages so they have thumbnails of each device rather than the actual image - they were getting far too big!

Coming soon

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