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14/02/15 Added AR17 to VR37 and VR99 to CV1099. Added NR60 triode, ARS8 tetrode, NR53 beam tetrode, and NR65 pentode.
11/02/15 Added NR72 to CV1675. NR38, NR45 and NT62A pentodes.
07/02/15 Added CV1428 double diode triode, NR44 and CV1242 triodes, ARP11 HF pentode, NR87 double diode pentode, CV1825 beam tetrode to VT75A, and an unknown diode E2217.
18/01/15 Added NT97 micropup triode and CV2262 magnetron
15/01/15 Added CV5343 transmitting tetrode
12/01/15 Added CV445 pentode
06/11/14 Added CV8727 beam tetrode
14/09/14 Added CV6208 TWT and CV10917 CRT
12/09/14 Added CV2236 trigger tube and CV3946 CRT
21/07/14 Added CV993 magnetron (completing the set CV991-CV994!)
17/07/14 Added CV1629 halfwave rectifier
08/06/14 Added 4033A triode and CV2312 TR cell
28/04/14 Added NR69 to CV1103.
19/04/14 Added CV2426 magnetron and CV4512 unknown device.
29/03/14 Added CV9322 dual tetrode, CV2411 and CV3885 pentodes, and CV8292 counter/ selector tube
28/03/14 Added CV5125 CRT
25/03/14 Added Sunvic 603 vacuum switch, CV7040 diode, CV8328 double triode and E2346 triode/pentode.
01/01/14 Added CV2931 diode and CV5167 magnetron
02/06/13 Added CV3891 and CV3892 fullwave rectifiers and US-6305 triode. Added CV5140 to EA52
01/05/13 Added CV3711 pentode
29/03/13 Added NR15A triode
23/03/13 Added KS9-20B klystron and CV8884 CRT
18/03/13 Added CV2188 TWT
14/03/13 Added CV1105 to VT105; added 4880E photomultiplier
07/02/13 Added CV2925 double-diode pentode
30/01/13 Added CV2163 triode
22/01/13 Added CV41 magnetron
10/01/13 Added CV6170 CRT
24/12/12 Added NR16A and V1505 triodes.
14/11/12 Added 6C21Д packaged oscillator and 6С41С triode.
09/10/12 Added VT162 double diode triode, CV10112 double tetrode, and E800, E1033 and E1308 unknowns.
09/09/12 Added CV3340 klystron amplifier
04/09/12 Added CV1029 rectifier, CV582 triode, CV1002 beam tetrode, CV4023, CV8020 and CV8732 pentodes, and CV3939 klystron.
03/09/12 Added CV1130 to CV1586
17/08/12 Added CV1525 CRT, and CV3886 and CV3890 pentodes
08/08/12 Added CV1540 double triode
01/06/12 Added a set of 4 developmental photomultipiers
07/05/12 Added 199698 tungar rectifier, CK648, 5794 and NR52 triodes, and N34 unknown device.
07/04/12 Added E1707 diode, E2019 and E2311 pentodes, E2218 and E2597 triode/pentodes, and E2188 and E2635 unknowns.
30/03/12 Added CV1079 to VT79; added CV2348 electrometer triode and CV2897 CRT
20/03/12 Added CV2479 noise tube, and LG1A and LG9 diodes
10/02/12 Added a correct fly-lead CV4056
02/02/12 Added CV1074 and CV2416 tetrodes
02/01/12 Added CV1075 to KT66
15/12/11 Added CV1001 rectifier
09/12/11 Added VW36 triode, 913 CRT and BVA162 to CV65
08/12/11 Added E1709 double triode, E2631 rectifier and A950 tetrode.
03/12/11 Added ACT19 micropup, R9561 unknown, and LSD3 strobe lamp. added V246A/2K to CV485.
22/11/11 Added E80T beam deflection tube
21/11/11 Added CV1626 rectifier and CV2659 beam tetrode.
11/11/11 Added CV6137 beam tetrode. Added E4T beam deflection tube, NL86 pentode and NY85 rectifier.
09/11/11 Added NR41 to CV1083. Added NR27A triode and VT117 pentode.
08/11/11 Added NR31 to VR37 and NR84 to CV1697
06/11/11 Added RD300S
03/11/11 Added E1838 to CV882 and KTZ73 to CV1343; added E1796.
30/10/11 Updated CV1916 and KS9-40
24/10/11 Added CV8255 and CV9893 zener diodes; updated E1T (added CV5106)
15/10/11 Added CV2481 TR cell and an unknown microwave device
12/10/11 Added CV2181 TR cell and CV6092 high voltage rectifier
27/09/11 Added CV2164 klystron
23/09/11 Added 832 / VT118 double beam tetrode, and CV7021, CV7023, CV7087, CV7137, CV12004 and CV12253 semiconductors.
31/08/11 Added a MOV R type triode
08/06/11 Added ГМИ83В tetrode, RV12P2001 pentode, RV12H300 hexode, RG12D2 double diode, EC50 triode thyratron and CV5269 CRT.
13/05/11 Added 300, 845 and HF-300 triodes
26/04/11 Added 5734 transducer triode
24/04/11 Added CV9333 klystron and NSP2 to CV2296
06/04/11 Added 8ЛО4И CRT
03/04/11 Added 2K45 and 2K50 klystrons, QKH798 unknown device, CR300 stabiliser and 596 and 0Z4 rectifiers.
27/03/11 Added LN5 and LN14 CRT devices.
21/03/11 Added LF4 and LN16 CRT devices, RB5 trigger tube and RES094 tetrode.
12/02/11 Added 4 semiconductor diodes (all requiring data) CV5794, CV7875, CV8308 and CV8805.
28/01/11 Added CV1877 dummy load lamp
21/01/11 Added CV5277 to ET51

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115NO5 115NO60 115NO60T 1B86 1N78CM 1P24B 416C 723A/B CV10440 CV1173 CV1543 CV1633 CV1741 CV1839 CV1919 CV1969 CV2155 CV2239 CV2262 CV2457 CV2461 CV2642 CV2729 CV2753 CV4053 CV4073 CV5077 CV5127 CV526 CV5260 CV5261 CV5278 CV533 CV5843 CV593 CV7029 CV7041 CV7043 CV7044 CV7047 CV7062 CV7070 CV7071 CV7074 CV7075 CV7090 CV7094 CV7161 CV7162 CV7313 CV7338 CV7353 CV7378 CV7463 CV7726 CV8550 CV8616 CV878 CV9607 CV9785 CVX4015 CVX474 DET22 E1832 E2178 E2548 E4205 E947 NC12 NR15 NR7 SC1-800 VR130A VT100 VT112 VT121 VT128 VT135 VT200 VT207 VT62A VT80 VX8121 VX8122 VX8123 VX8156

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