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New exhibits added 21 July 2014. See also Coming Soon
Stats:2919 valves in the colection, 2436 on the website, 504 coming soon.

Valves I need information on
Collections: Showcase, The CV Collection, Catkins, Russian, German, Oriental, Micropups, Acorns, Submins and Nuvistors
Magnetrons, Klystrons, TWTs, BWOs, TR cells, Heil tubes, other microwave valves, Power/signal monitoring.
Rectifiers, voltage regulators, glow modulators, voltage references, current regulators, surge arresters, Thyratrons, Spark gaps/Trigger tubes/Ignitrons, Silica valves
X-ray & GM tubes, Gauges, Noise sources, Relays/switches, Other devices, Semiconductors
Image converters, Photocells, Photomultipliers, CRTs, Camera tubes, Counting and display tubes, Tuning indicators, Light sources, Strobotrons
General categories: diodes, triodes, tetrodes, beam tetrodes, pentodes, hexodes, heptodes, octodes, nonodes, multiples, others (e.g. secondary emission valves)

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Valves wanted (see list of wants)
TCA Schrader Award 2003

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Latest additions
21/07/14 Added CV993 magnetron (completing the set CV991-CV994!)
17/07/14 Added CV1629 halfwave rectifier
08/06/14 Added 4033A triode and CV2312 TR cell
28/04/14 Added NR69 to CV1103
19/04/14 Added CV2426 magnetron and CV4512 unknown device.
29/03/14 Added CV9322 dual tetrode, CV2411 and CV3885 pentodes, and CV8292 counter/ selector tube
28/03/14 Added CV5125 CRT
25/03/14 Added Sunvic 603 vacuum switch, CV7040 diode, CV8328 double triode and E2346 triode/pentode.
01/01/14 Added CV2931 diode and CV5167 magnetron
02/06/13 Added CV3891 and CV3892 fullwave rectifiers and US-6305 triode. Added CV5140 to EA52 01/05/13 Added CV3711 pentode
29/03/13 Added NR15A triode
23/03/13 Added KS9-20B klystron and CV8884 CRT
18/03/13 Added CV2188 TWT
14/03/13 Added CV1105 to VT105; added 4880E photomultiplier 07/02/13 Added CV2925 double-diode pentode
30/01/13 Added CV2163 triode
22/01/13 Added CV41 magnetron
10/01/13 Added CV6170 CRT
24/12/12 Added NR16A and V1505 triodes.
14/11/12 Added 6C21Д packaged oscillator and 6С41С triode.

See Updates for earlier additions and 'coming soon'