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STC Brimar codes

If the valve was for export then the RETMA code was used, sometimes with an SV prefix. Otherwise:

1st figure(s) 1 Halfwave rectifier
8 RF pentode
9 Vari-mu pentode
20 Triode hexode
Letter A 4-volt heater
B 2-volt heater
D Indirectly heated other than 2 and 4V
Figures Serial number

Special purpose valves:

^M ^M ^M ^M ^M
1st figure(s) 2 Diode
  3 Triode
  4 Tetrode
  5 Pentode
  22 Double diode
 33Double triode
Letter Max anode dissipation and type
Figures Serial number
Letters Base type and special features (base types below are from checks on STC datasheets)
A American standard base
B British standard base
C Edison screw base
D International octal base
E Special base
G Leads
J Mounted by disc seal
K Miniature button base
L Mounted by end caps
T Mounted in box


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